There are many different ways to set up a business. Every business format has specific rules, requirements, protections, and tax advantages.
Will you save more on taxes if you are a Sole Proprietorship, an LLC, or an S-Corp? What happens in a General Partnership if one partner doesn’t file?

The answer to these questions is very specific to your business model, your growth plans, and even your product or service. We work closely with our clients to analyze their financial records and understand the direction of their business.

Contact us. The team at BABA will help you analyze your options so you can choose the business structure that works best for the growth and profitability of your business.

Wendy J. Smits and the team at Bay Area Bookkeeping & Accounting takes all the complexity out of your accounting and let you know where you stand financially. It’s a lot easier to plot a course to where you want to go when you know where you are. Let us keep you on top of your bottom line!

The Bay Area Bookkeeping & Accounting team will analyze your finances and develop customized strategies for your business that help you keep more of the money you earn. Our team will guide you from selecting the right business structure to setting up QuickBooks, to planning advanced tax strategies. Contact us today to discover all the ways we keep our clients on top of their bottom line.

If you are looking for trustworthy accounting partners that help sustain the growth of your business, we invite you to get to know us.

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